Are you ready for success?

Can you answer these key questions?

Where are opportunities for data science within our business?

Do we have the ability to execute on those opportunities today?

What technologies are needed to develop these capabilities?

What skill sets are required?

Where are these skill sets?

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Accelerate Data Science Adoption

WebbMason Analytics offers a six to eight week program involving collaboration between your key stakeholders and our seasoned Data Science team. At the conclusion of this program, you will have a comprehensive roadmap to quickly incorporating Data Science within your organization.

A Clear Path to Value


Prioritize Business Requirements Collaborate with key business stakeholders to document the current reporting capabilities, decision making process, and desired analytic capabilities. Develop prioritized list of desired capabilities.


Identify Data Sources Identify existing data sources required to support business requirements. Identify gaps in the data. Pull sample extracts for analysis


Conduct Feasability Assessment Profile data sources to determine if and how data science can support business requirements. Develop descriptive measures and prototype advanced analytics to determine feasibility of data science within each business unit.


Evaluate Technologies and Team Document current technology architecture and where gaps exists as it relates to data science capabilities. Identify current talent pool, where they fit on a data science team, and what gaps exists that can be addressed with hiring, outsourcing, and training.


Develop Data Science Roadmap Produce a twelve month roadmap that includes developing data science capabilities, enhancing the current technology environment to support data science, and data science training and personnel management.

Are you ready for success?