Are you ready for success?

Experience Saves

Imagine this. You are leveraging years of deployment experience with a wide array of technologies in the Hadoop space and quickly documenting which technologies in the market align with your functional requirements. During a Big Data Strategy engagement, our Hadoop expertise really comes into play for you.

Now imagine rapidly assembling recommended technologies for each component of your architecture, developing a final target architecture, and producing a six or twelve month implementation roadmap.

How much money will you save? How much money will you save on technology that sounded great and demoed like a dream, but turned out to have no practical use for your requirements?

We reduce the time it takes to determine if and how Hadoop will work for you and can recommend the right mix of Big Data technology for your Analytics and reporting needs.

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Aligning Big Data with Insights

Partnering with WebbMason Analytics gives you years of Big Data and Data Science experience to help you navigate the Big Data landscape. Don't blaze a new trail. We can guide you to success.

Are you recognizing the value of Big Data but wishing the capabilities were deployed yesterday?

The WebbMason Analytics Big Data Strategy engagement provides insights and experience gathered over six years of deploying Hadoop consolidated into a short, strategic engagement focused on your unique needs.

  • Where does Hadoop fit?
  • What Hadoop technologies are needed?
  • What is the roadmap?
  • What are the costs?
  • How does Hadoop support decisions?

Are you ready for success?