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Solving Traditional Problems

When working with Big Data to derive new insights, businesses need a centralized Analytic Platform to consolidate siloed analytic development allowing analytics to work across business units.

Similar to how your data warehouse consolidated legacy systems, the WebbMason Analytics Big Data Analytic Platform provides a web-based solution that supports data storage, data transformation, reporting, and advanced analytics.

  • Who owns it?
  • How do I get access?
  • Where is the Data?

In essence, the WebbMason Analytics BDAP enables all activities required to transform your business decision-making process by providing access to all the data not just subsets limited by size.

WebbMason Analytics is not a software company. Rather, we leverage best-of-breed technologies, processes and integration capabilities to deliver a platform to transform your Big Data into Analytic-friendly Data.

Complete Big Data Analytic Capabilities

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The WebbMason Analytics Big Data Analytic Platform (BDAP) is a fully hosted, Analytics Platform as a Service providing a world class, turnkey data management and analytics environment. It provides the Big Data infrastructure and tools necessary to

Ingest | Clean | Integrate | Analyze
The platform includes traditional business intelligence (BI) capabilities for creating data visualizations.

Self-service access to data | Advanced analytics capabilities (e.g. R and Python)
It truly provides a one stop shop for all analytics projects.

  • Deploy on Internal Servers
  • Deploy on Your Private Cloud
  • Use Our Hosted Solution

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